One of the main questions service departments hear is, “Why should I change my oil?” Here at Evansville Hyundai, we have the answer! Oil plays a major role within the engine block and, without it, your car might not run as well or last as long as you’d hope.

Oil plays three main roles within an engine block. First, it lubricates all the moving parts to prevent them from damaging one another. Second, oil helps cool the engine by carrying away some of the heat generated by the constant explosions within the cylinders. Finally, oil helps to protect the cooler parts of the engine by preventing carbon and varnishes from building up.

In order to see what type of oil your car uses, consult your owner’s manual. Adding the wrong kind of oil can prevent your engine from operating at peak performance.

Now, what can happen if you don’t change your oil?

For starters, carbon and varnishes will start to build up on the cooler parts of the engine. That can lead to carbon deposits leaking out of the old oil. The only way to fix it is to replace the damaged parts or pay for an expensive engine cleaning.

That’s not all. The pistons could seize altogether or the camshafts could take the hit. Either way, an expensive repair is in your future if you don’t change your oil! Come in today!

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